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The Boise Project furnishes a full irrigation water supply to 167,000 acres through the New York Canal and the Mora Canal with over 460 other canals and laterals equal some 1,500 miles of canals and drains.. The irrigable lands are in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon.

Principal facilities include five storage dams (excluding Lucky Peak Dam constructed by the Corps of Engineers and Hubbard Dam a reregulatory facility) which form reservoirs with a total capacity of 1,793,600 acre-feet (active 1,663,200 acre-feet), two diversion dams, three powerplants with a combined capacity of 50,200 kilowatts, seven pumping plants, canals, laterals, and drains.

To facilitate organization of the administrative and operating procedures, the irrigable project lands are divided into the Arrowrock and Payette Divisions. Some of the features serve only one division; other features serve both divisions as well as other nearby projects.


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