Boise Project Brochure (BUREAU of RECLAMATION)

Boise Project History (BUREAU of RECLAMATION)


Boise Project Board of Control is the operating agent for five irrigation districts: Boise-Kuna Irrigation District, Big Bend Irrigation District, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, New York Irrigation District, and Wilder Irrigation District. Its purpose is to manage the irrigation facilities and other works transferred by the United States Bureau of Reclamation to these five irrigation districts and to deliver water to their landowners. These facilities are referred to as "transferred works" and include all of the facilities beginning at Diversion Dam on the Boise River, and including the New York Canal, the embankments at Lake Lowell and approximately 1500 miles of canals, laterals, and drains. Title to the "transferred works" remains in the United States.

Boise Project Board of Control was created in 1926 by virtue of contracts entered into between these five irrigation districts and the United States. The contracts were approved by the voters of the five irrigation districts and confirmed by the courts.

Prior to 1926, the United States Bureau of Reclamation had constructed the Arrowrock Dam, taken over the New York Canal and completed it to Lake Lowell, constructed other canals, and dug drains. The operation and maintenance of these facilities are the responsibility of the Boise Project Board of Control, with the exception of Arrowrock Reservoir which continues to be operated and maintained by the United States Bureau of Reclamation. In 1941, the Districts entered into contracts with the United States Bureau of Reclamation for additional water stored behind Anderson Ranch Dam. Those contracts were also approved by the landowners and the courts. As a result, the Boise Project Board of Control now delivers both natural flow water rights and approximately 85% of the water stored behind Arrowrock and Anderson Ranch Dams to the landowners of the five irrigation districts. Boise Project Board of Control delivers water to approximately 167,000 acres of irrigated land within these five irrigation districts, primarily on the south side of the Boise River, and also delivers water to land from the Penitentiary Canal on the north side of the river located east of the city of Boise. Boise Project Board of Control delivers water to pressurized irrigation systems within the Districts and operates on the Districts' behalf over 35 pressurized irrigation systems.

Boise Project Board of Control is governed by a Board of Directors. Membership on the Board is established by the contracts between the Districts and the United States. Representation on the Board is based upon the number of acres within the Boise Project. Wilder Irrigation District has three (3) members, Boise-Kuna Irrigation District and Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District have two (2) members each, New York Irrigation District has one (1) member, and Big Bend Irrigation also has one (1) member. Boise Project Board of Control has a manager to run the transferred works and currently has approximately one hundred employees on staff dedicated to delivery and tracking of water throughout the 167,000 acres.

In 2010, the Districts, as licensees under license issued by the Federal Regulatory Commission, began in operation of the Arrowrock Hydroelectric Plant located at Arrowrock Dam. Boise Project Board of Control operates the hydroelectric plant under contract with the Districts. Cost of operation of the hydroelectric plant is covered by revenues from generation, not by assessments to the landowners.


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